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What's a parma?

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  • 25 Jan 2011
    The Bended Elbow, Geelong
    Geelong, VIC, 3220
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    triggs reckons:

    I don't know what has happened since the last reviews, maybe it was there staff as all the reviews are all on the same day and have very high ratings but i must say, that this is by far the worst parma i have ever had and it was not just me but the whole group i was with.The chicken was like a piece of KFC with a fine scrape of tomato paste and gas charged packet ham, and the cheese was just wrong too it was that rubber cheese.The chips were the best bit of the meal a little soggie but eatable and the salad was just lettuce only. Now im not trying to be over the top but it was just that bad, one of the group was in hot & cold sweats for about an hour after, apart from that the beer was good

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The Bended Elbow Geelong, VIC, 3220 25 Jan 2011 28%