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What's a parma?

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  • 08 Sep 2013
    Donnybrook Hotel, Donnybrook
    Donnybrook, VIC, 3064
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    2.5 / 3 (very good)

    Lotte reckons:

    Parma was de-smegging-licious. Lots of cheese, lots of sauce, NO HAM (though this can be forgiven due to the general awesomeness of the parma overall), it was almost an entire trampled chicken on a plate. Chips were awesome, though closer to a fry in size than a chip. Were crispy and well seasoned like a good chip should be. However, they were placed under the parma, though this could be due to the fact the parma was the size of the plate and could not be avoided. Veggies were good, carrots were really good (buttery and honeyed and delicious and well cooked), beans were overdone, cauliflower was awesome-cheese-sauce. Service was good, and quick. Monday night is parma night, with a range of toppings available (bolognaise, Hawaiian, volcano, etc), will definitely be going back to try them out.

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Donnybrook Hotel Donnybrook, VIC, 3064 08 Sep 2013 81%