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  • 17 Sep 2009
    Coopers Inn, Melbourne
    Melbourne, VIC, 3000
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    F. Jadran reckons:

    Been to some of the best Parma places around so I had to try this one considering its rating (number 4 at the time of writing). Sat down at the table and saw the price for a chicken Parma was $17.50 but to my surprise when I ordered at the bar the price was $12.50 even though it wasn't a specials night. Upon arrival of the plate I was greeted by a very generous sized plate with average amount of chips. I first tasted the chips and they were satisfactory but nothing to get me excited about. Most under Parma were soggy from the copious amount of oil used in cooking the chicken breast. Soggy chips is something I'm used to but this was too much. The salad was perhaps the worst I've ever had. Dry and bland with no dressing whatsoever. Now to the actual Parma. Let me first say that the chicken breast was fantastic. Nice and juicy and not overcooked. The toppings really let me down though. The sauce was bland and may have even been tomato past and not Napolitano sauce and there wasn't enough of it in my opinion. I thought the cheese would be better seeing as though it had a nice sprinkling of herbs but it was too oily although it was still ok. Ham was lacking from half the Parma.

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Coopers Inn Melbourne, VIC, 3000 17 Sep 2009 54%