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  • 17 Sep 2009
    Coopers Inn, Melbourne
    Melbourne, VIC, 3000
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    Parma Ninja reckons:

    The taste of this parma lingers in your mouth long after you have fact, long after you have brushed your teeth...making it very difficult to forget about this below par parma. After hearing of the reviews it had recieved I expected much from this parma and the night started delightfully (one friend would say dubiosly) when we were charged $12.50 for our parmas (the menu price being $17.50. Things quickly turned for the worse however when I began to eat the parma. Whilst all our parmas where of generous portions, even in a patriotic map of Australia, it did little to make up for the taste. Sauce that had drief up and tasted like tomato paste, ham that went MIA, herbs sprinkled on top that failed to make up for the rest, a salad with no dressing (come on guys, a bit of balsamic goes a long way) and chips that were soft by the end of the meal. However, the night was saved by two things...the beer, which was of the pubs namesake and a watching an old asain bloke in his jaguar trying to parallel park out the front. After a 10 point turn he decided to start again and got it the second time around in the required 3 movements. His wife congratulated his sterling effort with a big bash before exiting the car and giving us a big thumbs up...

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Coopers Inn Melbourne, VIC, 3000 17 Sep 2009 40%