ACT Rugby Union Club, Barton, Australian Capital Territory

51 Blackall St
Australian Capital Territory, 2600

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  • 06 Jul 2010
    #8066 - Popo the Monkey (43 reviews)
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    Popo the Monkey reckons:

    Apologies in advance for the poor quality photos. The venue was pretty dark, and that was the best I could get. This is quite an average parma. The size of the meat was below average... quality of chicken breast was okay too, and topping was not too bad. The breadcrumbs weren't very crunchy at all! The nap sauce was a little spicy, which i liked. I didn't like the cheesy topping though, it didn't taste like cheese as much as oil .... however, it might have been fancy cheese which i wasn't familiar with. The chips were pretty okay, though the servings were definitely on the stingy side. Cooked to perfection, not overcooked at all. The salad was average again... not enough leafy bits... but it was crunchy in texture at least. Overall, this didn't rock my socks. An average parma, nothing super about it. Price at $19.90 is a little high for this dish - $16.00 may be more appropriate for the quality dished out.

    Gold reviewer Image submitted by user #8066 (Popo the Monkey) Image submitted by user #8066 (Popo the Monkey)