Ainslie Football & Social Club, Ainslie, Australian Capital Territory

52 Wakefield Avenue
Australian Capital Territory, 2602

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  • 16 Jul 2010
    #8066 - Popo the Monkey (43 reviews)
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    Popo the Monkey reckons:

    This is a middle of the road parma. When I asked the counter-boy if I could have a bowl for the salad bar, he told me that I wasn't supposed to, but gave me a bowl and told to keep it quiet. LOLz. This deserved a +1 bonus point. The parma was quite average. The breast portion wasn't too big, it was a bit dry, and tough. The topping was okay. Nice cheese, but a little bit light-on in the sauce department. Definitely felt that the parma was a tad dry. Small pieces of ham were included in the cheese, which is a pretty nice touch. The cheese was pretty good, above average. The chips were of a good quality, and of an okay quantity too. Salad likewise was pretty okay, it was great that they served it in a different bowl so the chips and parma didn't get soggy. Overall, an okay meal. Note that to eat here, you'll need to purchase a membership if you're a local. Otherwise, for our interstate visitors, spend $2 to sign up and you'll be able to eat there for 28 days. Pretty okay salad bar too, all the little things make it deserve a +1 bonus point.

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