Arab Restaurant & Espresso Bar, Lorne, Victoria

94 Mountjoy Parade
Victoria, 3232

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  • 14 Sep 2009
    #6066 - Pablo (13 reviews)
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    Pablo reckons:

    Very dissapointing. The first thing that I was concerned about that some 10 minutes after ordering we were presented with our meals. They committed a standard crime with parma on the chips, however they were ruined before the parma hit them. They were swimming in oil and it appeared as though the oil they were cooked in hadnt been changed in a while. The salad was good with a nice dressing. However the parma itself was fundamentally okay but very average. The chicken was thin and tastless definetly not fresh. The crumb to breast ratio was not good with more crumb then chicken. The sauce I reckon was Dolmio out of the jar and the cheese wasn't cooked enough as in parts it was still solid. The final product was not worth the $21.50 however I was hungry and it did the job. A minus point for thinking that its worth more than $20.

    Silver reviewer