Balmain Bowling Club, Balmain, New South Wales

156 Darling St.
New South Wales, 2041

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  • 13 Feb 2012
    #14210 - Ricky T (16 reviews)
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    Ricky T reckons:

    Sometimes it seems, in this day and age, that the price of a Parma is inversely proportional to its quality. That's definitely the case here at the Balmain Bowlo. Look, I had high hopes, probably because it was my first Parma in over 4 months and I'd also had a few beers already, but my hopes were quickly dashed. There was too much cheese, and some sort of non-descript is-it-ham-or-is-it-bacon-whoknows(?) sliver of meat underneath the mountain of melted cheese. But the fillet of chicken was okay, to be honest. And of course it was served on top of the chips. The salad was adequate. If you have the option, walk a hundred metres down the road to the London Hotel - where my friends wisely waited to enjoy the parma there. Not only was it about $5 cheaper, it looked x5 nicer as well. I wish I had been that patient...

    Silver reviewer