Barklys Hotel, Heidelberg, Victoria

92 Burgundy Street
Victoria, 3084

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  • 16 Aug 2012
    #18338 - Brum (10 reviews)
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    Brum reckons:

    There are very few places that I can't at minimum recommend at some level, this place is one of them. I mean sure if it's a nuclear winter and this is the only place left in Melbourne that can whip up a parma then MAYBE go to this place. The parma itself was edible enough and would pass for a random feed especially if this place was your local BUT the service here was terrible. Not only does the Hawaiian not come out with sauce which is bad enough but I didn't order a bloody Hawaiian and I had the receipt to prove it. When I confronted the staff about this issue and after a good five minutes deliberation on their half they informed me that they couldn't do anything about it and weren't capable of making another one because they had already made me a Hawaiian one. In the end the only compromise we could reach was that they brought at a ladle of napoli sauce. Seriously if I could take 3 points off for lack of service I would.

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