Bayview Hotel, Redcliffe, Queensland

75 Redcliffe Parade
Queensland, 4020

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  • 26 Mar 2009
    #2818 - Peter (26 reviews)
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    Peter reckons:

    I was up in Brisbane for work felt that craving as I always do! Well....what can i say....this was an "experience" I can tell you. At first glance - not a bad location at all. Nice selection of beers and wine and then the food arrived. I was shocked. This is by far the smallest parma i have ever seen and it wasn't even a special! The topping tasted (what little there was of it) like it was a tomato paste not a napoli sauce. The cheese was lacking quantity although i was impressed that they didn't forget the ham. (only notable mention for the whole meal) Chips were good and there was enough to fill the stomach. Although - Cardinal sin - the parma was on top of the chips. Now normally that is a bad thing but in this instance it didn't effect it too much as there was hardly any sauce to make the chips soggy! Salad was ok. Not a bad dressing. Nothing overly exciting. Put it this way - I wouldn't head here to find the holy grail of parmas....or even an average one.

    Gold reviewer