Beach Hotel, Byron Bay, New South Wales

Bay Street
Byron Bay
New South Wales, 2481

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  • 01 Aug 2012
    #11586 - Gavin (100 reviews)
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    Gavin reckons:

    after seeing some parmas delivered out to the other punters during an afternoon at the beachie i was well thinking i could have been in for a new highest score, the plates where absolutely gigantic and came out with a huge parma and a massive amount of sides. unfortunately whether it was just bad luck at the end of a very very busy splendour weekend for them or not, my parma was much more ordinary sized, and looked pretty insignificant on my gigantic plate. it did however taste fantastic, the chicken was top notch and the topping was excellent. there was an absurd amount of chips and salad on the plate, but that only seemed to rub in the fact i got a small parma (and also the chips were a little cold). i would have considered taking off a bonus point for all this, but the location right on the beach at byron bay, great atmosphere, and most particularly the future wife material bar maids got them back up to a full bonus point added.

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