Beach House Bar and Grill Maroochydore, Maroochydore, Queensland

Shop 92, Riverwalk, Sunshine Plaza, Horton Parade
Queensland, 4558

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  • 13 Feb 2012
    #14210 - Ricky T (16 reviews)
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    Ricky T reckons:

    The ol' spur of the moment "lets have a Parma for lunch" deal. I didn't have high expectations here because the Beach House Bar & Grill is more like a cafe at the shopping mall that happens to also serv beer (why don't more shopping mall cafes serv beer? It would make shopping more bearable). But I must say, the tomato sauce on this Parma was the tastiest sauce I've sampled in a long time. Nice chunky tomato sauce! The cheese was melted to perfection too. No ham or bacon, but that's okay because the sauce made up for it. The chicken fillet was a good size, not a mammoth steroid chicken, just a good size ya know? Predictably served atop the chips :-( The only real let down was the salad, it was more like a garnish, and not very fresh. What pisses me off about salads the most is when they just get a tomato and cut it in quarters. I hate that. Give me baby tomatoes if anything.

    Silver reviewer