Bligh Park Tavern, South Windsor, New South Wales

Stewart St.
South Windsor
New South Wales, 2756

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  • 05 Sep 2012
    #14210 - Ricky T (16 reviews)
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    3 / 5 (good)
    3 / 5 (good)
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    Ricky T reckons:

    Parma-on-a-budget for the cash strapped South Windza houso's. This was actually not bad for the price. The chicken was a bit dry and crispy, and there was no ham or bacon in the topping (just tomato sauce & cheese), however it was a good portion and the chunky steak fries were excellent. Good portion of salad too but it was pretty flacid and lifeless, not overly fresh. This meal is definitely not an award-winner but I certainly can't complain and would recommend it. You can get a lot worse elsewhere for a lot more money. A bit about "The Tav": Bligh Park Tavern is a nice modern pub to have a quiet beer and a meal after work. Despite the trendy decor, the place is strictly blue collar Western Suburbs. Hipsters should head eastward to avoid.

    Silver reviewer