Bridge Hotel, Echuca, Victoria

High Street
Victoria, 3564

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  • 25 May 2009
    #4482 - Benjamin (1 review)
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    5 / 5 (excellent)
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    3 / 3 (excellent)

    Benjamin reckons:

    ah the noble search continues...undaunted by our failure on friday night where we came upon an appalling mockery of the Parma Tradition at the Mpama RSL (a venue rated inside these hallowed halls of Parma.Com as pretty good...let me update you my was poo-house...all the way...bad chicken...bad chips...bad beer...bad like a Nicole Kidman movie...and that as we know is hurtful to the eye!)... anyway we digress...never distracted from the discipline that is our sole reason for being, we planed to enter Moama again and lead with our chins...not afraid of copping another poor quality slap in the guts, but hopeful that some modicum of dignity could be restored to this humble town with a proud tradition of Parma preparation. a quick drive down the main drag revealed 4 to the to the right...ho hum, more of the same skinny breasts that grace the catwalks of the malnourished fashion industry...NO ! we would not settle ....we would not capitulate and compromise and force 2000 Calories down our gullets with a "Oh that will have to do!"... NO !! we hunted my darlings, we stalked out each venue, we read the menus haphazardly pined to the menu boards, searching for some hint of word wizardry that would give us hope that Parma Prep was taken seriously in this ramshackle establishment... well, Searchers....we found it.."A full Chicken Breast tastily crumbed in our own crumb mix, topped with virginia ham and a tasty cheese." BINGO ! we're on the right path...the location THE BRIDGE HOTEL - High Street ECHUCA. Let me say up front that this is the best Country Parma that we have EVER happened upon. Let us begin: the meat of the breast was thick and juicy, much like the upper quadrants of the fullsome breasts of Teri Hatcher - yes they're real and they're spectacular! the ham, savoury....the topping: tomatoey, spicy, rich....the cheese: like the menu promised, tasty and grilled to golden perfection... the chunky cut fries were hot, crisp and fluffy in the middle and even though they were served underneath the Parma (as so many chefs seem conditioned to do - naughty naughty) they were allowed to breathe and therefore remained crisp as the collars of the shirts you wished your lazy wife would iron for you. as a combination of flavours - these four central pillars of Parma Perfection combined magically to create a juicy, hot and savoury Parma Explosion in our mouths, backed up by salty chips and salad... aaahh yea the salad - again...absolutely excellent - a slaw / salad...with a nice dressing of sweet mayo and poppy seeds...bloody bravo!! Now....HUSH YOURSELF...I have not could I forget the most important elemnet of the Parma Experience .... THE BEER. (Forgive the caps but I need to say this very loudly...) THIS IS THE BEST BEER I HAVE EVER HAD FROM A TAP IN MY LIFE. BAR NONE. FULL STOP. RULE OFF. Put down that acrid cloying glass of detergent you're drinking now and go to the Bridge for the cleanest, the sweetest, the bitterest, the most golden and refreshing beverage known to man!) when the beer arrived at the table, and we had one sip....KAPOW! we knew we were in for a good Parma. Because if you treat beer like that...the food will be treated equally well. Seriously however my darling Parma Acolytes, This is a NO BRAINER...the is the best Beer and Parma for MIles around... My trusty sidekick and I will be back every time we pass through! PARM-TASTIC!