Brother Fox, Hawthorn, Victoria

648 Glenferrie Rd
Victoria, 3122

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  • 18 Oct 2013
    #25074 - Bird Brain (2 reviews)
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    Bird Brain reckons:

    Venue under new management, formally known as Chashar Bliss. Tuesday Night Special: $17 with a glass of house wine or Chang beer. I thought the Parma looked a bit small at first but I was wrong, it just wasn't flattened out as some do. Cooked perfectly and with great topping, though I couldn't detect the addition of any ham/bacon. The beer battered chips broke the 3rd and 4th Crimes, but I didn't mind and was offered salt for seasoning. They where large tasty and crispy chips again cooked perfectly. Though there weren't all that many of them, but I was not at all left hungry and wanting after the meal. I didn't touch the rocket salad though, it was a small separated side of leafy greens and cherry tomatoes by the appealing look of it. In closing at this price and with its proximity to Glenferrie station its an excellent meal, and you should not be disappointed.