Bundoora Hotel, Bundoora, Victoria

49 Plenty Road
Victoria, 3083

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  • 18 Oct 2012
    Thursday Dinner,
    All parmas one price

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  • 03 Jun 2013
    #19682 - Chad Baygon (27 reviews)
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    Chad Baygon reckons:

    Hadn't heard any rave reviews for the Bundy Parma but was here for a function and my hand was slightly forced. My resistance turned to fear as I lined up to order and saw Parma after Parma being sent back, and distinctly overheard the waiters mentioning to the chef that they were raw... There was a mad rush of Parma orders I must admit (I'm talking 50 odd people ordering Parma's), but RAW chicken!! I should have pulled the pin then and there, but I had to eat and decided to take the punt. On arrival, I triple checked to ensure it was cooked, and in all honesty those other Parma's must have been slapped straight from the crumb plate to the serving plate cause these things were paper thin. The breast was barely 1cm thick, akin to a minute steak, but I'll hazard a guess that the extra thick crumb acted as an insulation device. Needless to say the Parma was ordinary... Unfortunately this bird goes on the never again list along with the Plough and a couple of others. It angers me in a sense, I mean, is it really that hard to serve up a decent piece of chicken..?

    Gold reviewer Special