Cafe Matto, Heidelberg, Victoria

135 Burgundy street
Victoria, 3084

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  • 29 May 2009
    #2818 - Peter (26 reviews)
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    Peter reckons:

    I have eaten at this venue many times now and they are starting to slide unfortunately.... The first time i ate there we had phenominal salt and pepper calamari however the last 4 times we have been and someone has ordered it it has been terrible (this is their signature dish) On to the Parma..... Firstly - when it arrived it looked magnificent! It was a generous size, the cheese looked great (bocconcini cheese i believe) however i did catch out of the corner of my eye that they served fries instead of chips...i wasn't happy until i ate some - all i can say is damn good fries. As great as the chicken looked it was rock hard! I mean a real effort to eat. it really took away from the delicious topping and the rest of the meal. Salad was good - dressed well. I'm not sure if i would order it again... i'd consider it if the chicken was a little juicer. Not a bad experience. better as a coffee stop than a place for dinner.

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