Cooks Hill Hotel, Cooks Hill, New South Wales

35 Union Street
Cooks Hill
New South Wales, 2300

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  • 22 May 2013
    #11586 - Gavin (100 reviews)
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    Gavin reckons:

    this was the first time i'd had the chance to grab a meal at the commy since it changed its name to the cooks hill hotel. apart from increasing their prices and doing a few renovations not too much has changed, it still has the same smug, unjustified self-superiority that only a rugby union pub can deliver. at first glance the chicken looked like a supermarket schnitzel but on closer inspection it was definitely done in house, it was actual chicken that was super thick in places. the topping was pretty solid, a big chunk of ham and a great ratio of tomato and cheese. The chips were solid but the serving could have been bigger and the salad was simple, but adventurous compared with the usual. the cooks hill hotel lost a point for their annoying pricing. $21 for a parma, $5.20 for a beer, just plain inconvenient. cheers for the pocket full of change

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