Errols Cafe/Restaurant/Patisserie, North Melbourne, Victoria

69 errol st
North Melbourne
Victoria, 3051

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  • 29 Jan 2009
    #2818 - Peter (26 reviews)
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    Peter reckons:

    I ordered the Traditional parma - Meal was ok overall. Chicken was quite nice. thick and juicy however it was the smallest parma i have ever had. Now to be completely honest i actually wasn't that phased as it was 43 degrees and i wasn't the hungriest person in the world. The size actually suited what i wanted. The cardinal sin was broken - no ham. It also lacked enough sauce. And....the parma was served on top of the chips! when will people learn? Chips were good although a fraction overcooked. Chips lacked some seasoning i think. Salad looked sensational - however it tasted horrible! It didn't appear or taste like it was washed and had next to no dressing. It was definately overpriced for what it was at $20 you'd be hoping for something exceptional - i guess the fact that they call themselves a cafe/restaurant/patisserie means they are a little lost as to what their target audience is. -1 point for the above reasons.

    Gold reviewer