Firehouse Hotel, North Sydney, New South Wales

86 Walker Street
North Sydney
New South Wales, 2060

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  • 17 Jun 2013
    #11634 - edwmat (58 reviews)
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    edwmat reckons:

    After a hard day’s work standing around out west and looking busy I sure had worked up an appetite. I took the scenic drive back to work through North Sydney and managed to get a park right out the front of The Firehouse Hotel. A quick read confirmed that a Parma was on the menu. This was probably the most productive task I achieved last week – this was an absolute monster of a Parma and it was a strong effort to eat it all. Again the price of $17.50 really sets this one apart from the rest. The Parma was massive and cooked perfectly with a nice cheese, tomato and ham topping. Underneath the beast there were a fair amount of thick cut chips. There was a small salad but as the Parma took up most of the plate there was not much room left. Special mention to the NBA playing on the TV and my first parma review by myself (I think this obsession is getting out of control).

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