Gilro's Hotel, st leonards, New South Wales

75 Christie Street
st leonards
New South Wales, 2065

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  • 03 May 2013
    #11634 - edwmat (58 reviews)
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    edwmat reckons:

    This was one of those situations where I didn’t really plan on having a Parma for dinner but after seeing it was on the menu I didnt really have a choice. Gilroy's has always been a go to venue for a cheap feed and often a pretty boozy evening because they serve pints.. I wasn’t particularly hungry but this was indeed a tasty Parma. Again back on track with traditional pub action it was a pretty standard pub offering - cheese, ham & tomato sauce but what really set this bad boy apart was the crispiness of the topping. Usual chips and salad but the topping sets this one apart. They do standard ten dollar dinners every night but this was worth the extra $$$$ Was considering a bonus point for the company...

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