Gippsland Hotel, Sale, Victoria

153 York Street
Victoria, 3850

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  • 25 Apr 2012
    #21090 - sanpedro667 (1 review)
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    sanpedro667 reckons:

    This place looked in impressive as they boosted a selecton of differeny para toppings at least 10. I was hoping this would mean the chef had a degree from Parma Univiersity - but it was not to be. The parma itself was massive, looking good. The first slice was good about 1 cm thick of chicken breast, but from there the breast was wafer thin, there was more crumbing than chicken. In a bid for size on the plate the parma was made way to thin to be tasty. This was disappointing as the sauce and cheese were quite well done. Chips and salad were aacceptable. Unfortunately once the actual schnitter is sub par nothing can bring the whole package back up to standard. When not on special this is $21.50 - not worth it.

  • 25 Mar 2012
    #4642 - BIGD (43 reviews)
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    2 / 5 (ok)
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    1.5 / 3 (ok)

    BIGD reckons:

    well fuck me, it's been literally almost 6 months since I last smashed down a chiggen parma - so after a hard session of covering my girlfriend alicia with mud out quadbiking in the bogan town of sale I worked up quite a hunger! I always have high expectations of bogan country towns, or any pub proudly displaying the carlton drought light up sign out the front for that matter! the price initially seemed fairly cheap, which didn't make me expect too much but after about 20mins of waiting out came my bargain parma. vegies were pretty turd and had probably been sitting around, but because I'm a "healthy" dude I had to eat them. the chips were rad but lacked salt, luckily table utensils included the necessary tools (salt) to sort this shit out! the parma itself was pretty standard, and done fairly well by the textbook. chiggen was nice n' crispy and cheese melted to perfection!! in all, a good lunch stop off... just don't order the nacho's here - they do look and taste very average!

    Gold reviewer