Hamilton Station Hotel, Islington, New South Wales

2/6 Beaumont St
New South Wales, 2296

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  • 23 Jul 2013
    #11586 - Gavin (100 reviews)
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    Gavin reckons:

    using my birthday as an excuse i dragged most of the office over to the station for the $12 lunch schnitzel. i would have been outraged at the $4.50 parma topper price tag but fortunately the meal was paid for by the delightful, not to mention strikingly handsome, MWG. i'm not sure if the bar lunch menu parma is the same as the dinner "sniddy's" menu, but the chicken was a pretty impressive size for $12. i enjoyed the big slice of ham in top of the chicken as it had been a while since i'd seen ham around a parma up here, i guess that's their excuse for the price maybe?? the chips were good enough but the salad wasn't much more than some mixed leaves thrown together with some onion. all in all not a bad effort by the station, it lost its chance at a point due to all of the smokers / deros out in the beer garden, really took the edge off a rather nice little lunch

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