Hampton Park Charcoal Chicken, Hampton Park, Victoria

Shop 1, 65
Hampton Park
Victoria, 3976

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  • 18 Oct 2013
    #25074 - Bird Brain (2 reviews)
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    Bird Brain reckons:

    This is my local, a huge feed (no salad/veg) and good quality at an amazing price, the lowest point is the topping but for this amount of food at a takeaway store at its unbeatable price and is very satisfying, I highly recommend it! The chips are great and you get more then enough of them, they do break the 3rd crime however (no other way for it all to fit in the large polystyrene takeaway box though). They are seasoned with a choice of either regular or chicken salt and you can ask for there tasty gravy to be put on either chips or chicken or both at no extra charge.