Hogs Breath Cafe' - Watergardens, Taylors Lakes, Victoria

Tenancy 203, Watergardens Shopping Centre
399 Melton Hwy
Taylors Lakes
Victoria, 3037

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  • 30 Aug 2009
    #4642 - BIGD (43 reviews)
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    1.5 / 3 (ok)

    BIGD reckons:

    parma time on a friday night... so I hear hogs breathe cook their steaks for 18hrs?? they must do the same to their parmas too!!
    this thing was dry and way over cooked! the nap sauce was good but what was with the few droplets of sliced parmesan?
    broccoli was hard as a rock but the cheese sauce made it edible! the "curly" fries were something different... not amazing but were once again edible...
    I guess if you are seeking a good parma you wouldnt come to a franchise place like this anyway, but I was in the area with my girlfriend shopping for a gift so it only made sense to give it a go...
    our waitress's name was "ABC", I shit you not she introduced herself to us saying "Hi guys my name is ABC I'm goig to be looking after you tonight"... hmmmm ok whatever ABC!
    negative 1 point for the name ABC and dry overcooked meats! (my girlfriend had a finger food platter which incorporated some overcooked chicken bits and potato skins)

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