Hogs Breathe Cafe Northbridge, Northbridge, Western Australia

21 Lake Street
Western Australia, 6865

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  • 26 Sep 2010
    #4642 - BIGD (43 reviews)
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    BIGD reckons:

    a hogs breath parma, is never a good one - and this one was as to be expected, absolute balls...
    what really gives me the pissies is the fact that these guys must think I'm a dickhead, options of lite or normal parma size so they stack 2 super thin schnitzels ontop of each other to make me think I'm getting a thick piece of breast which is apparently the normal parma!!!
    I know my parmas and I know I was fingered.
    curly fries are always shithouse, hogs breath need to give that gimmick up - normal chips will be fine!
    the "fee" garlic bread was clearly microwaved so was somewhat of an insault.
    salad was ok, but just ok. It was certainly nothing that could redeem the fact that this parma sucked!
    the topping tasted like someone went to coles and got the cheapest bolognese sauce and tipped it ontop of the coles deli super thin schnitzel and than dropped a few sheets of crappy permesan ontop to replace what should have been melted cheese!!!
    get real hogs breathe, this was a joke!!!
    I am also super shitty I left my slayer hoody here!

    Gold reviewer