Hotel Shoppingtown, Doncaster, Victoria

13/21 williamsons road
Victoria, 3108

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  • 25 Feb 2010
    #2818 - Peter (26 reviews)
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    Peter reckons:

    We stopped in for a quick parma last night (i haven't been to this place in 15 years now) and it's changed a lot. nice refurb. just a heck of a lot of kids there! and i mean everywhere! They were playing tag in the restaurant and when i asked them to stop their mother cracked it at me! sorry for being unreasonable and expecting to eat my parma in peace. anyhow - the parma that was served to me looked sensational! I kicked things off with the veggies (sin - i know) and they were the best veggies I've ever had accompanying a parma. spot on. chips were ok, needed a lot of seasoning. the parma you could tell had been frozen as it had been pan fried yet hard as a damn rock in the middle. Not to mention the topping....tomato paste. WTF! it's not hard to make napoli! it ruined the parma and i still feel average from it this morning..... don't know if I'd be rushing back for another one here. +1 for the awesome veggies.

    Gold reviewer