Jubilee Hotel, Fortitude Valley, Queensland

Fortitude Valley
Queensland, 4006

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  • 29 Apr 2016
    #17858 - Chuck (17 reviews)
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    1.5 / 3 (ok)

    Chuck reckons:

    I've had many parmas over the years at the Jube and it seems like every time I go it is a different experience. This time, it wasn't the parma on regular menu (Chipotle flavoured ~ $25) but a regular old parma on the "specials" menu for ~$17. Our whole table got one each and overall we were pretty happy. The chicken cut on mine was excellently thick and moist, but everyone else's seemed a bit smaller. Size wise, for the price, I would hope for a bit more chicken and chips, and the salad was a bit of an afterthough (I can't even remember it right now, if that tells you anything about it). If I could take a point off for ambience, I would. The DJ was too loud and the pub-rock band that followed was also too loud, we couldn't hold a conversation for the meal and associated beers.

    Silver reviewer
  • 02 Oct 2015
    #20466 - Super Parmi Brothers (8 reviews)
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    Super Parmi Brothers reckons:

    Keep away! Ok lets start this I had been here not to long ago and had a parma that was pretty good. The previous parma had whole roast garlic cloves and roast cherry tomatoes upon it (I never got around to rating sorry). Flash forward to today. The pub has a new chef who has a slight/major obsession with Northern American style food. The new Parma is a "Chipotle Chicken Parmigiana", which very much limits the market if you don't like spice (I do thankfully), this means that the Neapolitan sauce is replaced with a chipolte sauce. I only really want to talk about one aspect of the parma... and that is the layering being completely wrong! They have placed The ham atop the schnitty... then sauce, then cheese. Sorry I need a minute........... I just can't understand why you would ever do this?! Ruined my day! Sorry Jubilee this is not a change for the better.

    Bronze reviewer Image submitted by user #20466 (Super Parmi Brothers)