Junction Hotel, The Junction, New South Wales

204 Corlette St
The Junction
New South Wales, 2291

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  • 16 Oct 2010
    #11586 - Gavin (100 reviews)
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    Gavin reckons:

    On a miserable rainy Friday night we decided to hit up the Junction Tav to lift our spririts and i was very surprised to find they had a parma on the menu (and Bulmers on tap score!). The schnitzel was very well sized and cooked nicely but was really dominated by the topping, which was far too cheesy for my liking, but others could be in to that.. The beer battered chips were easily the highlight of the meal, excellently seasoned and there was absolutely heaps (hidden under the parma). the salad was pretty so so, good dressing but didnt really have much going for it other than that. Bonus points for the very, very attractive wait staff

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