Kalkallo Hotel, Kalkallo, Victoria

1324 Hume Highway
Victoria, 3064

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  • 12 Sep 2010
    #4642 - BIGD (43 reviews)
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    BIGD reckons:

    I had driven past this pub many a time and accumulated very high expectations expecting one very bogan top notch parma!
    I had been mislead.... sure the pub was bogan, with some white trash looking ppl seated, and a very bad kareoke style singer cranking out some horrible tunes but the parma just didn't live up to what I expected!
    to start with, one would definately have to come to the conclusion that the parma and chips were very much pre-prepared!! ie. my parma literally was on my table within 2 mins!!! sure we don't wanna sit there waiting for 30-40minutes for our meal, but I get worried when it gets to me so quickly!
    actual parma size could have been bigger, nap sauce was a bit watery however chiggen quality was ok? chips were abit undercooked and lacked that golden color to them... and salad, there was confusion on the salad... there was a free salad bar, and my meal was served with one small lettuce leaf and a slither of orange?? I dont quite understand if my salad was meant to be the salad bar or what was on my plate?
    the carlton draught tasted like turd here also!! so with that said, I can now drive past this pub knowing the parma is shiza here and no longer live thinking what's it like??

    Gold reviewer