Keb & Brew Hotel, Surry Hills , New South Wales

26 Foveaux St,
Surry Hills
New South Wales, 2010

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  • 03 Aug 2015
    #11634 - edwmat (58 reviews)
    4 / 5 (very good)
    4 / 5 (very good)
    5 / 5 (excellent)
    4 / 5 (very good)
    2.5 / 3 (very good)
    2.5 / 3 (very good)

    edwmat reckons:

    This review is going back a fair bit to the period known as “the Summer of Matt”.. After a massive weekend I decided to do what I did most Mondays (read: most days) and avoid doing work. I pulled out my handy iphone and confirmed that the Keg & Brew did have a parma on the menu. I placed my order, ordered a beer and sat outside, completely unaware of what was about to happen next. When the parma arrived it looked AMAZING a nice crispy layer of cheers on top of a decent (but not too large parma). Ham & Cheese sauce. The chips were excellent, thin-cut and crispy. The side salad of slaw with a cut of lemon was again, on point. Unfortunately there is no longer a menu on their website I think it was around the $20.00 mark. Overall an incredibly solid parma. Bonus point has been given for over 30 beers being on tap and Monday $10 burgers. The food here is outstanding and highly recommended.

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