Kooyong Lawn Tennis Club, Kooyong, Victoria

489 Glenferrie Rd
Victoria, 3144

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  • 22 Dec 2009
    #8066 - Popo the Monkey (43 reviews)
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    Popo the Monkey reckons:

    I had the pleasure of dining at the Kooyong Lawn Tennis club restaurant just two days ago, so decided to do a review on how the parma tastes like for "the other 0.5%". I'm kidding! Overall the parma was not too bad either, with a spicy tang to the sauce that I can't figure. The chicken breast was of a very good quality. The only reason it missed a 5 was that it just didn't have the juiciness of the chicken breast that I have had at the Brandon Hotel and Coopers Inn. The size was average, it could be improved here. The crumbing was soggy unfortunately! The topping on the parma was pretty good, I loved it that the the sauce had a little bit of kick in it, although they could have done with a little bit more. Cheese covering was good, and the smoked ham was pretty good too. The smoked ham scored a +1 for the review! They served chips with this parma, but it could have been better seasoned actually. However, it was generally cooked quite well. The salad was slightly disappointing. I expected a little bit more from this fancy establishment, to be honest. It was merely oakleaf lettuce, onion, and some sort of creamy substance on top of it. Room for improvement definitely, if they take a look at the other competitor's parmas. Overall, quite nice, the only things they really need to work on is frying the parma so it's nice and crispy, and also improving the quality of the salad. I would consider ordering this dish again if someone invites me back!

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