Limor's, Caulfield North, Victoria

67 Kooyong Road
Caulfield North
Victoria, 3161

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  • 06 Nov 2011
    #19874 - Mass Unit (3 reviews)
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    Mass Unit reckons:

    Bonus point is awarded because of the liberal use of ham. This is the biggest parma I have ever seen, there is no other parmas that can compare to the traditional parma at Limor's, its the biggest plate of food i have ever seen, you get not one but TWO massively oversized moist chicken schnitzel's covered in ham, cheese and the tomato sauce on top which is something different, and makes it unique (apart from the HUGE size). We have a challenge going if anyone can finish it that they win a free round of drinks, it's truly mammoth. They do also offer a single serving, but you have to try and go the traditional if you think you are a big eater..