Mallacoota golf & Country Club, Mallacoota, Victoria

Nelson Drive
Victoria, 3892

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  • 13 Mar 2011
    #1970 - Dipragg (23 reviews)
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    Dipragg reckons:

    The plate was to small !!! so the parma was on top of the chips and you had no room to move. The location, well it's the further most East place you can get a parma in Victoria and about 6 hours from the city so I wasn't expecting much, Mallacoota has 4 places to eat in town, so your limited for choice, we went for the Golf & Country Club. The atmosphere was good and the place was busy (long weekend and it only opens Thu, Fri & Sat nights). Ok, down to the meal, it was ok... I've had better and worse.... I guess for this far away it was good but a little expensive at $20:50 (It's only $16 on Thursday nights with a pot, both here and the pub in town). So come to Mallacoota, try the fishing and have a parma. (Mum said the Fish & Chips were nice and fresh... they should be considering the location)

    Silver reviewer