Merewether Surfhouse, Merewether, New South Wales

5 Henderson Parade
New South Wales, 2291

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  • 06 Nov 2013
    #11586 - Gavin (100 reviews)
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    Gavin reckons:

    the pizza and gelato shop on the beach level at the surfhouse is an absolute gem and its parma is testament to that. i looked past the delicious $10 pizzas to the parma (full knowing i'd end up eating the boys pizzas cause they can't handle eating like men) and boy did it deliver. while not the biggest bird getting around it was good quality and tasted delicious. i appreciate any place that forgoes the salad for more chippies and this place served up a trove of delicious chippies. the pizza shop definitely deserved the bonus point for this one, shout out to the pacifico's and delicious gelato. hot tip though, the pizza shop is on the bottom floor, and not to be confused with the surfhouse restuarant on the top floor, which is wildly overpriced and shit

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