Oatley Hotel, Oatley, New South Wales

8 Oatley Avenue
New South Wales, 2223

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  • 26 Jun 2014
    #11634 - edwmat (58 reviews)
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    edwmat reckons:

    Being the young go getter kind of guy I am in the office when something needed to be urgently delivered to Oatley (and once I established there was a parma there) I was more than happy to take the time to take the scenic route past Oatley Hotel. Finding a prime park out the front I saw a sign out the front telling me to remove my bikie colours (I had already) entered and ordered a parma from the lunch menu. I am not 100% on price but we will run with $16.00 being a lunch time special. The waitress then translated chicken parmigiana into Mandarin and we were in business. This was a more Easternized version of your traditional pub classic with most of the ingredients appearing to come from the local woolies. Standard size parma with a cheese heavy topping with OK amount of fries The salad had mayo which was a first and hopefully will be the last. Special mention to the old grannies talking about her son recently came out of the closet. That was some good lunch time banter.

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