PJ's Irish Pub - Parramatta, Parramatta, New South Wales

74 Church Street
New South Wales, 2150

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  • 07 Nov 2012
    #21426 - Gruntollio (14 reviews)
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    Gruntollio reckons:

    I really wasn't expecting much from this place as my past dining experiences have been mediocre at best. However, I was pleasantly surprised by this Pamra. It was massive! Beautiful big fresh chicken snitty nicely crumbed and cooked to juicy perfection. The napoli was a highlight with frersh chopped ingredients you could see and not just a squirt of tomato paste like some places. Good helping of cheese over the top. Chips were a generous serve and were nice and crunchy, but maybe just a tad on the oily side. Salad was kept sepparate in it's own little bowl and looked nice, but honestly after eventually getting through the snitty and chips, there was just no room for surplus greenery. Great parma experience but as always can be made that much better by adding bacon!

    Silver reviewer