Phoenix Bar, Melbourne, Victoria

82 Flinders Street
Victoria, 3000

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  • 03 Dec 2009
    Tuesday Dinner, Thursday,
    Chicken Parma and Pot

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  • 03 Dec 2009
    #8066 - Popo the Monkey (43 reviews)
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    Popo the Monkey reckons:

    $13.50 Parma + Pot special for Tuesdays and Thursdays. Overall a high quality parma for the price, albeit a little bit small. Super salad though, kudos to the chef. The size of the parma was a little bit too small, it could have been 20-30% bigger - look at the Cooper's Inn for a reference. However, saying that, the quality of the meat was top notch, and a pleasure to eat. The crumbing was excellent, the crumbs crispy to the bite. The topping likewise was excellent too, you could tell that the chef used high quality cheese (you can taste the difference) and yummy nap sauce. Unfortunately no ham under the sauce, but I was happy enough with the parma to overlook that. To top it off, the parma was served piping hot. Sweet! The chips were of an okay serving, and quality was quite good. It missed out on a "5" because there were one or two burnt chippies, but otherwise, the salt seasoning was pretty good. The salad is where this parma dish shines. It is pretty kickass. I counted two colours of capsicum, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, and just the right amount of dressing was used. This was good enough to score a +1 just by itself. Overall this was a pretty good parma, and I would be happy to come here on a Thursday night if i was craving a parma. The size of the meat could be improved, but otherwise, it was pretty good. I would like to congratulate the lady behind the bar, she was pretty friendly to me and went out of her way to make a new face feel at home. Kudos!

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