Romanza, Burwood East, Victoria

Cnr Burwood Hwy & Springvale Rd
Burwood East
Victoria, 3151

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  • 09 Aug 2009
    #6082 - Penelope Papadakas (7 reviews)
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    Penelope Papadakas reckons:

    The only word that comes to mind is DISGRACEFUL! Wet, bland, soggy, probably frozen then chucked in the microwave. The topping looked like Vomit even then as it was placed in front of me the "vomit" had slid right off the top of the Chicken into the Browning Lettuce, mmmmmm delicious. Good quantity of Chips, too bad they were stone F***ing Cold. It really pisses me off when you pay $21 for a plate of cold vomit when I could quite easily prepared one three times better at home. Oh and there about 6 people in the whole venue and it took 30mins to get a F***ing BEER! Not good enough.

    Bronze reviewer