Royal Hotel, Mornington, Victoria

770 The Esplanade
Victoria, 3931

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  • 20 Sep 2011
    #19426 - Jimbo (1 review)
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    Jimbo reckons:

    Many hotels, particulary those serviced by the " specials (i.e. Waltzing Matilda, Keysborough Hotel, Highways, Sandown Park Hotel, etc etc ) are now resorting to a cheap, ordered in, low grade parma with more breadcrumbs in it than chicken. Below the top layer of thick breadcrumbs there is thick layer of grey gelatinous breadcrumbs to pack it out before you get to the very thin slice of processed chicken underneath. What makes this worse is that The Royal describes this abomination as 'lightly crumbed' on the menu. They have received a number of complaints about this but just ignore it due to the volume of passing trade they get. If you don't want to be disappointed, go next door to Kirks Hotel, their parma is nice and thick and juicy and made in-house. (We have no financial interest in KIrks) (See separate review)