Sams Cafe, Niddrie, Victoria

1/344 Keilor Rd
Victoria, 3042

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  • 05 Mar 2009
    Monday Dinner, Tuesday Dinner,
    Quite simple, whatever time it is that’s what you pay for your Parma. So if its 6:00pm when you order you pay only $6.00 for your Parma

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  • 21 Jan 2010
    #9378 - Parma Dan (6 reviews)
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    3 / 3 (excellent)

    Parma Dan reckons:

    Sams Cafe offers a "Parma o'clock" option on Tuesday & Wednesday nights, however this parma was consumed on a Thursday night, hence the "Parma o'clock" bonus will be discarded in this review. Sams Cafe gives you the choice of 2 parmas, firstly the traditional parma sans ham and the "Chicken Parmarama" which comes with bolognase, ham and cheese. On request you can have ham added to the traditional parma, which is what i did, but i think this confused the chef as he simply dumped the ham on top of the parma instead of slotting it neatly between the schnitzel and the sauce. Overall this parma was good, but nothing to write home about. Just a good solid parma that can hold it's own. Average size, tasty meat and a good crumming to meat ratio. Napoli sauce wasn't amazing though and i feel this is where Sam is letting himself down. Sam does redeem himself with a healthy serving of chips, which were spewing out from beneath the parma and over the remainder of the plate. The amount of time it took for the meal to come out was a little longer then acceptable, especially since the place wasn't overly full. The glass fangs were going long before the plate arrived. In summary the parma at Sams Cafe is OK, but nothing special. You won't be dissapointed, but you won't be amazed either.

    Bronze reviewer
  • 16 Sep 2009
    #7090 - Anna04sun (1 review)
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    4 / 5 (very good)
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    3 / 3 (excellent)

    Anna04sun reckons:

    This cafe on keilor road has a "parma a clock" so you pay for the parma depending on what time you get to the restaurant. EG - 6.30pm - you pay $6.30. 6.15PM - you pay $6.15. I have been maybe 4 or 5 times. they have this special on tuesday and wednesday nights. The last couple of times i've been there they have said you have to buy a drink as well.