Shafston Hotel Courtyard Bistro and Bar, East Brisbane, Queensland

3 Lytton Road
East Brisbane
Queensland, 4169

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  • 16 Jan 2015
    #20466 - Super Parmi Brothers (8 reviews)
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    Super Parmi Brothers reckons:

    This Parma was a travesty. A crime even against Parma. It was a Thursday night Buy one get one free, and this was a spare meal as we had a odd number of diners. Where to start?... Top down! The cheese reminded me of a cheese single that was cooked a week ago and left under a heat lamp. It had the texture of a soft rubber that you would find in a children's playground. The ham was described as thick cut ham on the menu, what it actually was was 3 slices of ham. so close! The Sauce... was more a salsa that instantly jumped out of the parma as soon as a knife came near it. Not a very memorable flavor. The schnitzel. Oh the schnitzel! Oh the humanity! This has to have been the worst schnitzel I have ever had in my life! It tasted like some sort of home brand frozen chicken breast that was microwaved in 3 week old bread crumbs in a student share house. I shared some with a fellow diner who remarked "That just tastes like stale bread. I can't even taste the chicken". Sides; Salad was ok, but was everywhere and drenched in dressing so my chips were soaked. Chips were dry (the ones that were not soaked in salad dressing), like cooked a hour ago and left under a heat lamp dry. They were also stored under the parma and could not be saved. Bonus marks off: Reasoning; The Parmi is by far the worst Parmi that I have ever had in my life. Also marks off for the water bottles having huge chunks of mold in them, which we discovered towards the end of the bottle after we had drunk most of it. Also no photo of this one as I don't think any amount of Photoshopping could make this parma look appetising. Will not be ordering Parmi there again.

    Bronze reviewer Special