Strawberry Hills Hotel, Surry Hills, New South Wales

453 Elizabeth Street
Surry Hills
New South Wales, 2010

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  • 03 Jun 2013
    #11634 - edwmat (58 reviews)
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    edwmat reckons:

    I had it on good (& attractive) advice that the food at Strawberry Hills Hotel was neato. Given that this pub has 24 hour licence I as slightly dubious but man did this deliver! The surry hills hipster set really seem to be getting in on the Parma action and there heaps of places that are now on the list. The chicken was perfectly cooked with eggplant, ham, sauce and cheese topping. While the cheese topping looks like plastic in the photo it was far from this and was perfecto. The salad was nice garden style salad with some french dressing. The only slight let down with was the few chips and perhaps slightly more cooked. But for the price it is hard to argue. This was only $15.00 and was a lot better than Parma’s I have had nearly double the price. Bonus points given for the price.

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