The Bentleigh Club, Bentleigh, Victoria

Yawla St
Victoria, 3204

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  • 05 Jun 2009
    #2034 - Steve (15 reviews)
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    Steve reckons:

    This Parma was consumed on a Saturday night while watching the Dees play on the big screen. I could have gotten a $2 discount on the Parma but the Bentleigh Club membership was left at home. I probably expected a little bit more, but it was a good, honest parma that was hot. A small complaint is the size. It was allright but when you are starving you just need that little bit more to keep you going. The crumbing was a bit soggy on the bottom but the topping was pretty good. The chips were hot and well cooked but just needed that extra bit of seasoning. Salt was on the table, luckily. The salad was simple, but delicious with a great dressing. The Demons lost the game but my first parma in 5 months was well appreciated. Bonus point for venue- but it only applies if you're a Melbourne supporter- it's pretty much the Melbourne stronghold in the BC. Go Dees!

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