The Burger Bistro, East Perth, Western Australia

181 Adelaide Tce.
East Perth
Western Australia, 6004

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  • 04 Aug 2015
    #8066 - Popo the Monkey (43 reviews)
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    5 / 5 (excellent)
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    3 / 3 (excellent)

    Popo the Monkey reckons:

    This was a really good parma - I didn't expect such a good parma from a burger shop, but there you go! The parma was served up reasonably quickly - only fifteen minutes from when we ordered it. At first glance, the size of the parma was stunning. Two large slices of crumbed chicken breast on top of a bed of chips and salad. As is our usual, I moved the chicken away from the top of the chips to stop the chips from getting soggy. It was then I realised how much chips were served up. The chicken was really good - I'm pretty sure it was free-range chicken. The meat was fresh, tender, and juicy, just what you'd like from the 'breast' cut of chicken. The crumbing was crispy - if I was nitpicking I'd say that the crumbing was fried a touch too much, but it was still crunchy. Have a look at the pictures I attached! The topping of the parma was pretty good - though perhaps not enough to score a perfect '5'. The sauce was a bit on the dry side (or is that my personal preference?) and the amount of cheese a slight bit less than I'm used to. I think the cheese needed another tiny bit of time in the oven - a few more dark spots on the cheese would have looked more pleasant. However, I'm nitpicking - the topping was pretty good, too. Chips were well cooked, not burnt at all, lightly salted, and as you can see, quantity is not an issue. Full marks in this section. The salad was pretty good as well - fresh lettuce leaves, red onion, tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, and covered in some salad dressing. The chef was a little too heavy-handed with the dressing, but that's just my personal preference. All in all, a good helping of vegetables as well so I'll give this 'full marks' as well. I've decided to award this venue a +1 - it's not everyday you can find a well-thought-out, and well-made parma at this price point. Pick up a beer to go with your parma and all is well. The quality and quantity is well worth the price - I would definitely eat there again the next time I'm visiting Perth.

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