The Commersh, Mount Gambier, South Australia

76 Commercial Street West
Mount Gambier
South Australia, 5290

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  • 18 Jul 2010
    #4642 - BIGD (43 reviews)
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    BIGD reckons:

    welcome to shitsville, aka Mt gambier. what a dump...
    your typical redneck bogan town here that look down on anyone that doesnt look like he's come straigth from his farm or pig shootin' / rootin'!
    this was at war with gods first night of tour, and the show itself went well - but enough of that it's about the parma here!
    we were firstly denied from one pub as they "claim" they were at full capacity?? must have been all those invisible patrons in there we couldn't see occupying the vacant seats / tables??
    we managed to find this venue that kindly decided they would accept our money and cook our dinner! thanks ya cunce!
    the size of the plate to me was an insult! I'm BIG muthafucken D, so this thing was tiny!!!
    the parma topping was sloppy as, slap the fork on top and you get sprayed with nap sauce!
    the salad was a JOKE!! 1 whole leaf!! yeah OK maybe if I'd asked for a whole pig or goat I'd be served appropriately?
    so in all what a disappointment... I did expect alot more thanks a country area as i thought this is where parma would be in their prime!!
    blow me mt gambier!

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