The Italian Waiters Club, Melbourne, Victoria

20 Meyers Place
Victoria, 3000

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  • 16 Aug 2012
    #18338 - Brum (10 reviews)
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    Brum reckons:

    My friend and I randomly wandered in here for lunch about two weeks ago. Surprise surprise there is chicken (or veal) parmigiana on the menu, naturally, I had to investigate. I can't really critique this place for not offering chips and salad instead of vegetables; it is an Italian restaurant after all and pasta was their main focus and/or selling point. I will critique them though for the quality of the vegetables, they weren't bad per se but they weren't good either. The topping was probably the highlight of the this parma, I'm usually not one for bolognese sauce on a parma as most pubs and/or restaurants bolognese sauce is questionable at best. However being a specialty pasta restaurant the sauce was to a good standard and really kicked of this parma nicely. Conclusion: if you're in the area give this parma a go, it's competitively priced and won't leave you feeling ripped off. If you're not in the area (more than 30 minutes away) I wouldn't go out of your way to try it.

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