The Morrison, Woolloongabba, Queensland

640 Stanley St,
Queensland, 4102

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  • 04 Mar 2013
    #20466 - Super Parmi Brothers (8 reviews)
    4 / 5 (very good)
    4 / 5 (very good)
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    5 / 5 (excellent)
    2.5 / 3 (very good)
    2.5 / 3 (very good)

    Super Parmi Brothers reckons:

    All Chicken parmigiana lovers, Our review of the Morrison’s hotel’s cannot be summed up in words… but we will try. There a few words that can describe the pure awesomeness of this parmi, but if one was to try and sum it up, they would probably use words like; stunning, awe-inspiring , exquisite and worth crying over the sight and taste of. The description on the menu claims a ‘whole succulent chicken breast… coated in a mix of fresh herbs and bread crumbs, covered in our chunky tomato & garlic sauce, smoked ham, vintage cheddar, bocconcini & parmesan cheeses, served with hand cut potato wedges and house salad’ … Sorry readers I just need to wipe the drool off my keyboard. The stage was set, a beer was waiting patiently aside the hand of the reviews hand. Service was quick, especially as were seated outside of the main eating area. The mighty meal was placed in front of each of us. What wonders we were beholding in front of our very eyes and mouth’s . The plate was full, with a large butterflied chicken breast sitting proudly with ham, tomato and garlic sauce with the delightful cheese blend crowning the parmi. The cheese and sauce coverage was good. But the home made wedges were not to be seen! A sudden move was made to rescue the wedges from under the parmi… oh what wonders were uncovered, wedges they said on the menu… I think not, these were some sort wedge that one only dreams of eating, golden brown and superior to any chip ever supped upon, crisp and flavoursome. Amazing wedges. Next to this tower of chicken and wedges was a generous serve of side salad. Alas the salad dressing had contaminated some of the wedges, but the dressing was of this reviews liking (on the spicy side), so this injustice was noted, but did not ruin the meal. It was time, a cut was made into the artwork of a parmi and what was seen and tasted was cooking perfection. The taste, oh the taste! The chicken was supremely moist, and sauce was some of the best, the cheese is something that just has to be tried. The blend of the three cheese’s was perfect, the bitey vintage cheddar and parmesan with the smooth bocconcini. But what really made this parmi such a celestial eating experience was the smoked ham… oh yes! This ham really came through on the parmi, above all other parmi’s, great stuff! The meal was over, the reviews in some sort of blissful state. Satisfied. But sill wanting more … parmi. Fin.

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