The Railway Club Hotel, Port Melbourne, Victoria

107 Raglan Street
Port Melbourne
Victoria, 3207

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  • 20 Nov 2013
    #23394 - oldsnowgums (55 reviews)
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    oldsnowgums reckons:

    Firstly, the Railway Club Hotel is a great pub. Heaps of sporting memorabilia, a good range of beers on tap and a TAB - what more do you want?! Now, on to the parma... we sat in the bar as opposed to the restaurant, so not sure if that made a difference to the quality of bird that was served up. The chicken itself was pretty good, as was the ham and cheese, although the sauce left a bit to be desired. No complaints about the salad, but the chips were a big let-down. I can see they were trying to get creative and offer something different, but they should have just stuck with what they know. While the chips looked good, they were way too crispy and completely tasteless.

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