The York on Lilydale - Bistro, Mount Evelyn, Victoria

Cnr York and Swansea Roads
Mount Evelyn
Victoria, 3796

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  • 10 Sep 2009
    #6066 - Pablo (13 reviews)
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    Pablo reckons:

    It was my virgin experience at York which is my new local. I had no expectations and wasn't expecting much. I was plesantly surprised when the parma was presented. They did commit a standard crime of parma under the chips. However it was salvagable and the chips were still crunchy, Overall the parma was well put together. There was a good proportion of chicken to crumb and it was cooked to perfection. The chips were proper, they were large, crunchy and tasted fresh. The topping on the parma was well balanced also. However the salad was very average, a blob of dressing and too much foelage and not enough substance. Overall it was a lil pricey for parma night, however the service was good (25mins) considering they were very busy. I am looking forward to returning over the next few months to sample the other parmas on the menu.

    Silver reviewer